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President's Message

Kenny Chesney, “Summertime”

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… it’s summertime!”

It’s been wonderful seeing so many faces back at the Club. School is out

and summer has officially begun.

May went by so fast with Mother’s Day Brunch, men’s & ladies leagues

beginning and finally warm deck dining weather. The pool opened on the

Friday before Memorial Day, and it was a success. The diving board is still

down; however, the pool company is working on a fix, and I am hopeful it will

be up and running soon.


I would like to remind all swimmers, members as well as guests to be cognizant of swim attire. We are a family friendly pool and therefore swim bottoms should properly cover the area, “cheeky” bottoms are not acceptable for the Bogey Hills pool. If you have questions regarding a suit Valerie, Heather, or myself are happy to look any over. I would also like to remind everyone also to be familiar with your surroundings. I know the pool can be fun, especially at the bar, but language can sometimes be a concern so please be aware if children are around. Thank you for helping to keep our pool comfortable and family friendly.


Thank you for all your patience as the audio & visual technicians are building a new system throughout the clubhouse. Our old system was no longer fitting our needs and it was struggling on both the banquet and member side. The project is ongoing, and I am hopeful it will be wrapped up between middle to late June. Again, thank you for your patience with the televisions and music.


I am sure you all recall the hailstorm that struck Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The clubhouse itself and the property on the north side of the creek were unscathed, however the back half of the golf course experienced some hail damage to some greens. Those damaged greens received a little TLC and were mowed and rolled before play began. They were a little bumpy but manageable. Chad will top dress the greens and needle tine them and they should be back to normal in no time. This month is very busy so please read the newsletter as well as the hours of operation that are sent each week. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Club.

Angel Likens

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